Your Personal Weather Report

When I don't feel good and ask an acupuncturist what’s wrong, why does it sound like they are doing a weather report?

Cold-damp, damp-heat, blazing heat, wind...yes when acupuncturists diagnose you, many times it can sound like a severe weather report.  The chinese had an interesting way of relating health back to the environment and came up with a classification system from it.  They didn’t just relate back to the environment but also observed how the current conditions of the environment could affect an individual’s health and took great measures to create a harmony between their environment and themselves.  This means eating for the season, minding the time of day and night for appropriate activities (like sleep!), dressing for the weather and above all, protecting from cold and wind!

When measures aren't taken to protect ourselves from our current environments we see the environment begin to affect us in a very physical and tangible way. An acupuncturist can then classify the disease using terms such as wind (a cold/flu), heat (fever), cold (chills/poor circulation) or damp (edema/swelling). It is the classification of the disease that helps us to pick point combinations for treatment.

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