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Acupuncture treatments may include not only needling, but also gua sha, cupping, infrared heat therapy, tui na, electro-acupuncture, acupressure and the use of various topical oils including essential oils and topical analgesics. 

I am committed to delivering the best possible treatment for you and your condition. We can discuss what you will be best for you at each individual visit but if you think you might want cupping or gua sha please let us know in advance so we can schedule extra time into your visit. Below you will find a description of each therapy. 

Please note: I do offer needle free treatments for infants and children who might be more apprehensive about needling.

Acupuncture: The act of inserting filiform (solid) needles into specific points around the body to elicit healing and promote wellness.

Cosmetic Acupuncture: This is a full body wellness promoting acupuncture treatment and cosmetic procedure all rolled into one! You decide which area, neck or face, you would like to focus on and we get to work improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin tone, tightness, reduction in sagging, and diminish age spots and discolorations. You get all of these anti-aging benefits, while we improve your overall health as well. It’s a win-win and at the end of the day you will look and feel younger! (A free consultation is required before starting a cosmetic acupuncture protocol, call today to schedule.)

Gua Sha: also known as spooning or coining, a smooth edge tool (sometimes a spoon or coin) is used to scrape a broad area to promote circulation and help with pain and healing. Light bruising may occur but treatment is typically painless and usually pleasant.

Cupping: Using glass cups the skin is gently drawn upwards through suction by creating a vacuum in the cup over the target area of the skin. The cup stays in place for five to fifteen minutes depending on your condition. Cupping can help treat pain, deep scar tissues in the muscles and connective tissue, muscle knots, and swelling. This therapy can also leave bruising which resolve in 1-2 weeks.

Infrared Heat Therapy: A mineral heat lamp can be used over a target area of the body. The lamp emits far infrared light (below to visible spectrum) to improve circulation and loosen fascia/relax muscles to promote healing in the area and it feels great!

Tui Na: This is a Chinese form of massage and can include: brushing, kneading, rolling, pushing, pulling and squeezing. It can be quite gentle or firm and is typically used for musculoskeletal conditions.

Electro-acupuncture: This is acupuncture with leads hooked up to the needles to deliver an electric current between two needles. This therapy is typically used to treat difficult conditions such as chronic pain and also conditions requiring nerve and muscle rehabilitation.

Acupressure: This is the needle free version of acupuncture! The same points are used but instead of stimulating the points with needles the practitioner applies pressure to the points with their hands. This can be used in conjunction with needles or in the absence of needles.

Topical oils: Various oils can be used on specific points or may be used in conjunction with tui na to help with musculoskeletal conditions.

 It is strongly encouraged to take advantage of our free 15 minute no obligation consultation before starting care at River Point Family Acupuncture. This gives you a chance to meet Dr. Wasson in person and ask any questions you might have so you can decide together if Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are right for you and your condition. Call today to schedule!                                                                                   

A combination of various therapies may be used to treat your current conditions but they can also be used as preventative medicine. Ask about how you can prevent disease using Chinese Medicine.