I have a point to pick with you!

The body has this amazing web-like structure of channels that beautifully interconnect all of our organs and tissues.  Along these channels are points in which an acupuncturist can access the channels and their respective organs.  Let's not forget that I used the word "web".  No channel or organ is separate from one another; this is what creates the web-like structure of channels all over the body.  When the relationships between the channels and organs are understood then points along the channels can be used to correct imbalances in the body. This is how acupuncturists pick their points. It is the way the points are needled and the combinations they are used in that create the individual treatment for each patient.
You may notice in an acupuncture treatment the practitioner asks very detailed questions not only about your complaints but also about other areas of your health.  On top of the detailed health history, (which may feel like an inquisition, just bear with us!) you may notice how observant your acupuncturist is: looking at your tongue, taking your pulse on both wrists, feeling for hot and cold spots along your body or palpating your abdomen. (I don't want to make you self-conscious but we are also making mental note of your mood, volume of your voice, skin tone, and overall body composition including the shape of your face.) When you receive an acupuncture treatment your whole body: physical, mental and emotion are all addressed.  This is because of the understanding of the interconnectedness of the body and that it is difficult to address a few symptoms without addressing the whole. If this type of holistic approach resonates with you then call today for your free assessment - 715-381-9965.