What patients are saying…

After over a year of trying to conceive naturally and with the help of multiple fertility drugs, I was facing the last fertility treatment I would be able to have before I would have to move onto a more invasive fertility approach, so through some research on the internet I learned that many people have had success with using acupuncture to solve fertility issues and I figured I would give it a try. I found Barb and River Point Acupuncture online and set up an appointment with her shortly after. I chose Barb because she was close to where I live and had flexible hours that worked with my work and home life schedule. After 1-2 weekly treatments for 3 consecutive months, I conceived. I was very excited and surprised and couldn't wait to see Barb at my next appointment to let her know the great news. Barb is very knowledgeable, kind, friendly and treated me in a very professional manner, but I also felt like a friend, which was a much more holistic and relaxing approach compared the going to the doctors office all the time. The treatment rooms were quiet, relaxing and comfortable, so it was a nice way to relax and get treatments at the same time, and I looked forward to the appointments so that I could relax for a little bit through this stressful experience of not being able to conceive easily. Barb is awesome and was very inspiring when she spoke of previous clients having a lot of success with this process, and she was right, as I conceived within the time frame she had suggested it might take. I would recommend Barb and River Point Acupuncture to anyone that is tired of fertility treatments that aren't working for them, and also anyone after you have conceived to deal with some of the struggles of the first trimester, as I continued to see Barb for headaches, and morning sickness even after I had conceived and it helped a lot for that as well.

Thank you again,
Ashley P.