Can we address NEEDLE-PHOBIA???

The needles used by an acupuncturist are a fraction of the size of a hypodermic needle used to give routine shots.  And can we be honest with ourselves, I hate shots and blood draws as much as the next gal… (Seriously, I get the cold sweats and everything!) …but is it ever as bad as we think it's going to be? NO WAY JOSE! Now imagine how a shot feels and then imagine no pain at all.  This is pretty much what it feels like to have an acupuncture needle inserted.  If anything you might feel a little prick but more often, you don't even realize the needle is inserted unless you are watching.  It’s so painless that even babies can handle it!  In my experience babies don’t even realize the needles are there and they love their treatments.  If that doesn't quell your phobia then rest assured acupuncturists have a few tricks up their sleeves that don't involve needles at all.  So, if you are curious and want to try Chinese Medicine but aren’t ready for the needles just request a needle free treatment, it can be done! Let me help you get over your phobia and get on track to feeling great, call 715-381-9965.