Your Personal Weather Report

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When I don't feel good and ask an acupuncturist what’s wrong, why does it sound like they are doing a weather report? Cold-damp, damp-heat, blazing heat, wind...yes when acupuncturists diagnose you, many times it can sound like a severe weather report.  The chinese had an interesting way of relating health back to the environment and came up with a classification system from it.  They didn’t just...
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Acupuncture Jargon

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Like most professions acupuncture has its own set of vocabulary. Unfortunately, it comes from a very different culture than our own and is sometimes hard for us to understand, especially when there isn't a good translation for some of the words.  Take qi (pronounced: chee) for example: There are many ways to describe what qi is and you really don't get a true idea of what qi is unless you look at...
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“She keeps talking about my qi, do I even have qi? What is it and why does she keep trying to move it?!”

weiner acu
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the human body is made up of building blocks. They are Qi (pronounced: Chee), Blood/Fluids, and Essence. Qi: Sometimes it is described as the vital force or spirit of the body, this however is not a complete definition.  I believe the best way to describe qi is that it is energy.  Ask any physicist and they will tell you that all matter is made up of ene...
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Can we address NEEDLE-PHOBIA???

The needles used by an acupuncturist are a fraction of the size of a hypodermic needle used to give routine shots.  And can we be honest with ourselves, I hate shots and blood draws as much as the next gal… (Seriously, I get the cold sweats and everything!) …but is it ever as bad as we think it's going to be? NO WAY JOSE! Now imagine how a shot feels and then imagine no pain at all.  This is prett...
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I have a point to pick with you!

The body has this amazing web-like structure of channels that beautifully interconnect all of our organs and tissues.  Along these channels are points in which an acupuncturist can access the channels and their respective organs.  Let's not forget that I used the word "web".  No channel or organ is separate from one another; this is what creates the web-like structure of channels all over the body...
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