About Dr. Wasson

My name is Dr. Barbara Wasson, DAc. I began my journey towards Acupuncture and healing at a very young age through being exposed to alternative medicine by family practitioners. Thanks to my family I grew up learning about how acupuncture can be used to not only treat various health conditions, but also prevent them. Through my exposure to integrative medicine I gained a deep appreciation for the body’s innate ability to heal. With my understanding of Chinese Medicine and my respect for the natural healing process of the body I can help facilitate health and well-being for you and your family. As a Doctor of acupuncture, I look forward to helping you realize the healing potential of your body. Wellness has always been a passion for my family; allow me to help make it a passion for yours!

BS in Biology – University of MN-Duluth
Master of Acupuncture – Northwestern Health Sciences University-Bloomington, MN
Advanced specialized training in stroke rehabilitation, women’s health and pediatrics – Tianjin University for Traditional Chinese Medicine                                                                                                                                                                          Doctor of Acupuncture – Pacific College of Oriental Medicine – San Diego, CA

Clinical Training:
Private Acupuncture Clinics in Bloomington and Burnsville, MN
Pillsbury House Integrative Health Clinic – Minneapolis, MN
University of MN Medical Center-Fairview – Minneapolis, MN
Courage Center – Minneapolis, MN
First Teaching Hospital of Tianjin University – Tainjin, China